Best Protection

Protect Your Brand from Cybersquatting

Brand owners can add their brands and trademarks related terms into the Best Protection and have them banned and blocked from registration at the second level in all .Best accredited Registrars.

Best Protection protects trademarks holders against cybersquatting at a fraction of what it would cost to defensively register the terms in .Best Top Level Domain.

How Does the Best Protection Work ?

Brand owners can submit a list up to 1000 terms that contains their exact match trademark terms.
Examples : amazon.Best, amazonfresh.Best, amazonelectronics.Best, ...

Once terms are accepted, terms are blocked from registration in all .Best Registrars for an initial period of five or ten years.

The Best Protection then can be renewed in increments of one to ten years.

A domain blocked by Best Protection is not functional, meaning it may not be used for a website URL, e-mail address or other type of domain-related functionality.

How to subscribed the Best Protection service ?

There is 2 Best Protection subscription services :

  • Best Protection 100 : For 1 Trademark & up to 100 terms (valid 5 years)
  • Best Protection 1000 : For 5 Trademarks & up to 1000 terms (valid 10 years)
Best Protection subscriptions applie across all .Best accredited registrars.

The earlier the Best Protection is subscribed, the more useful it is.

Because the Best Protection subscription does not block registrations made prior to that subscription, we recommend customers utilize the Best Protection before the public launch of THE.Best social network early in 2019.

Subscription can be subscribed through our .Best accredited registrars or brand protection partners and .Best accredited lawyers and IP specialists.

After checkout, and once your term list is accepted, your terms are blocked from registration for all .Best registrars.

IMPORTANT : No Trademark Clearinghouse is necessary to submit your terms and trademarks to the Best Protection.

What are the advantages of the Best Protection 1000 ?

Dedicated to multi-Trademarks owners/managers : 10 Years of Best Protection at the Best Price Guarantee with a Best Multi-Trademarks Coverage and Up to 1000 Terms !

Ex : google.Best, android.Best, gmail.Best, chrome.Best, ...

What is the Best Value of the Best Protection Program to the Trademark Owner ?

Efficient: Allows brand owners to protect more than their trademarks. Best Protection protects against others domains that contain the mark.

Scalable: The program allows trademark holders to initially protect a brand and add more terms therefore the brand is growing at scale.

Easy : Domains blocked by Best Protection are not live on the Internet and therefore don't require any involvement of your IT or marketing team. Futhermore, any Trademark Clearinghouse is needed to protect your brand.

Smooth: The low-cost subscription business model protects a term for up to ten years without having to pay a huge fee at set-up.

Cheaper: Costs brand owners significantly less than if they choose to defensively register terms. (Up to 85% discount)

Protect your brand against "yourproduct.Best"

People are always looking for the Best. Best is one of the most type-in keyword in search engines in the world ! Thousands of unique visitors are going to search engines and type each day "Best your product", "Best price your product", "Best of your service", ... because they assume that search engine will have information about the Best of your business. Illegitimate business use lies in someone who goes out on search engines and gets a Best answer, and then routes that traffic to a page where they are selling fake products. That is the new threat in cybersquatting : trying to divert traffic away from another site.

Protect your brand against "yourbrand.Best" variations

Illegitimate business use also lies in someone who goes out and gets a slight variations of your brand, for example "yourbrandcheaper.Best", "yourbranddiscount.Best", and then routes that traffic to a page where they are selling counterfeit products. so that, the easiest and cheapest way to protect your brand and trademark is to ban common variations of your brand in .Best before someone else does so and before any damage is done.

Counterfeit sales are estimated to account for between five and seven per cent of world trade, and are common across all product categories and industries. Today, copies are often virtually identical to genuine products in terms of quality, and in many cases consumers are unable to determine whether products are original or copies.

Brand abuse, such as design and patent encroachment, is intentional online infringement activity carried out to exploit a brand and mislead buyers in order to gain some kind of profit for the fraudster. A brand can be an extremely valuable asset for a business and when it is attacked by a third party, it can have significant impact on sales and reputation.

Online traffic diversion is a type of online infringement whereby web traffic is diverted to a competitive or illegitimate website, so the offender can generate revenue at the expense of a brand owner. This misleading of buyers into thinking they are purchasing original well-known brands is becoming increasingly popular.

Parallel imports, also know as gray market goods, refer to branded goods that are imported into a market and sold there without the consent of the owner of the trademark in that market. Usually, the goods have been manufactured by or under license by the brand owner and therefore are not counterfeit However, they may have been formulated or packaged for a particular jurisdiction, and then are imported into a different jurisdiction from that intended by the brand owner.